I would like to thank so many people who helped make this program such a special event.

Dr. Geoffrey Boers, whose feedback is an exemplary combination of compassion, thoughtfulness, and the most profound elements of our craft.

Dr. Giselle Wyers, whose passion for choral music and teaching is most inspiring.

To all the singers and instrumentalists for their talent and energy during all the preparation over the past weeks. Jane Heinrich’s great accompanying, as well as our talented section leaders: Victoria Solenberger, Brenda Mohr, and Kassey Castro, made rehearsals a joy.

A very special thanks to Susan Wood, this collaboration was so much fun and she always had a fresh approach on the ideas we tossed back and forth.

Ginger Ellingson, what a great talent and so enjoyable to work with you.

Luke Fitzpatrick, a thoughtful and wise sounding board from the beginning.

Luke Stromberg, willing to do anything and fully accommodate musically, what a talent!

Stephen Bent, always “there”, even while away.

Yelena Bagdasarova, always happy to participate and bring so much soul.

Incredible poster and program design by Anthony James.

To Oliver Stellfox for the fantastic service of sound and light production.

To Jacob Finkle for his help in the concert.

To Wayne Kenney for constant encouragement and support.

To all the family and friends that have been there for us through thick and thin and especially the good people at St. Margaret’s Church and Listen and Talk.