Luke Stromberg

Piano and Organ

A composer of choral and instrumental music.

Originally from Happy Valley, Oregon, Luke Stromberg is a music educator with a background in piano and choral music. He graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2012 with a degree in Musical Arts and Hispanic Studies, and from the University of Washington in 2014 with his teaching certificate and a Master’s degree in Music Education.

Luke has performed with the University of Washington Chamber Singers, the Choir of the WestPlutonic Acapellawhateverandeveramen, and various other ensembles. He has served as the musical director of the Heavier than Air Family Theater Camp, the vocal director for summer programs at the Northwest School, as a worship leader at various church congregations and as an accompanist to various soloists and ensembles. He is currently the choir director at Mount Rainier High School, a performer at Keys on Main piano bar, and a composer of choral and instrumental music.


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